DJ Profiles

Name : Aaron Waldock
Stage name : DJ A-Wall
Age : 31
Fun Fact : I am an actual AUSTIN ORIGINAL. Born and raised here!
Best Wedding Memory : I have a ton of great memories but the best one is when a Maid of Honor did her toast and it brought tears to my eyes. It was the best toast I have ever heard!
Years of Experience : 6+ Years
DJ Style : Open Format. I read the dance floor and make sure that it stays busy and fun! High Energy is a good category to put me in!
SHORT DESCRIPTION OF WHY I love WHAT I DO : I love what I do and it shows in how I preform! I love being part of a great time, and the the best part is that I get to be in charge of the fun.

Graduation, Birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Pool Party, or a party just to have a party, you are going to need an amazing DJ with great personality. Even more so….You need a real DJ and not someone who just shows up and plays from itunes….

Name : Aaron Ward
Stage name : DJ Aaron
Age : 35
Fun Fact : Started DJing at age 3
Best Wedding Memory : All Of Them
Years of Experience : 32 Years of DJing, 13 Years Pro, 5 Years doing weddings
DJ Style : Open Format
SHORT DESCRIPTION OF WHY I love WHAT I DO : Every time I show up to work it is always a good time

My mom taught dance and aerobics when I was growing up and my parents ran a dance studio for years, so i always grew up around music and dance. When I got older music and dance were my passions, more so music so naturally I gravitated towards being a DJ. At the age of 22 I began producing dj and dance nights at different venues, as well as djing them. by the age of 27 i was a resident dj at multiple dance clubs, and at 28 i was doing radio and selecting music for local radio stations. at 30 i was working production for events like sxsw and djing showcases, and also finding my passion for helping happy couples plan the music for the one of the most significant events of their lives!

Name : Neema Vedadi
Stage name : Vedadi
Age : 31
Fun Fact : Auto-Tune was invented by a former Exxon Engineer who tweaked techniques for finding oil into the software that changed music forever.
Best Wedding Memory : I recently DJ’d a wedding full of professional dancers. Before the bride and groom’s 1st dance some good friends of the couple danced a “tribute” in ballet style. Their graceful gestures told the story of how the bride and groom met. When we opened up the dance floor I played a house/break set and they all circled up and did some amazing and coordinated break dancing. To top it all off the reception was in an historic courtroom, so there I was DJing from a former judges bench while B-Boys were break dancing where the lawyers would’ve been.
Years of Experience : 9
DJ Style : Multi-genre mixing
SHORT DESCRIPTION OF WHY I love WHAT I DO : I get to be a part of people’s happiest moments. That feeling you get when you play the perfect song at the perfect moment with perfect timing and the crowd gets giddy; I don’t know who’s having more fun, me or them!

Neema bought his first pair of turntables during his senior year at UT. He began rocking parties, raves and even played a few weddings here and there. He honed his skills going to an informal, but regular, jam session frequented by popular Austin hip-hop DJs where they showed him how to cut, hot loop and mix like a pro. During a stint working out in the mountain west he began producing and composing for a documentary film and a nationally syndicated radio show. In 2012 Neema moved back to Austin to raise a family near his own. He began focusing on DJing weddings, bringing real musical knowledge and a passion for making people happy. He has wowed clients with his real time mixing as well as custom mash-ups he produces for folks who want to choreograph their special dances!